Worldwide Visibility

Numerex delivers the most cost effective, ruggedized, global tracking solution available today with our SX1 satellite tag. Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, these impressive satellite tags are perfect for disaster relief assistance, container tracking, asset visibility and tracking, remote monitoring and complete supply chain management - all the way to the final mile of delivery.

Powered by the Numerex DNA™, this complete solution incorporates device, network and application into a robust tracking solution with a HERO certified device, expansive near global coverage, and a versatile supply chain management software application to track and display assets globally.

Heavily experienced in the delivery of reliable communications to the emergency response community and in the development of dispersed field logistics tools, Numerex leveraged its skills in deploying satellite technologies for the emergency management industry and developed tracking solutions grounded in business and tailored to meet the variety of needs in vertical industries ranging from cargo tracking to defense logistics.

  • Logistics

    Benefit from dispersed and global real-time visibility of your assets.

  • Container Tracking

    Track shipments around the globe. Installs in seconds. Lasts for years.

  • Emergency Response

    Field users and senior management can connect, track and manage tens of thousands of assets worldwide.

  • Asset Visibility

    Total global asset visibility through the entire supply chain - including the last mile.

Offering customized, enterprise class, satellite connectivity to military, government, and commercial clients worldwide, Numerex focuses on delivering M2M applications quickly and cost-effectively by offering real-time visibility and decision-making power to customers with:
  • Satellite GPS equipment tracking solutions to DHS-FEMA, the American Red Cross, and numerous other federal and state governmental agencies and commercial businesses.
  • The largest fleet of highest-reliability auto-deploy VSATs in the United States.
  • Patent-pending Total Asset Visibility (TAV) software for remote asset management, GPS tracking, mapping, display, reporting, and data forwarding.